The Downside of Being a Book Nerd

So, as I’m sure most of you who read books frequently will know – there is a massive downside to reading. . . Buying books! I’ve found that since the start of my third and final year at university I have been buying and reading a lot more than I was expecting, believing myself to be bogged down with my dissertation, coursework, my job etc. And, I am . . . But I’ve somehow managed to read in between all of that.

A couple of weeks ago I brought a few books at Waterstones. A week later I went and brought a few more. This week I had only two left and I knew this wouldn’t be enough to last me until the end of the month when I got paid again. I couldn’t afford to walk back in-store and play £20-£40 on a few hardback books (I’ve been into new fiction recently!), so I came up with an alternative. Amazon!

Looking on Amazon I noticed their offer of 3 paperback books for £10. Bargain! So below, is a list of books that I brought. Not all of them were part of this deal, but some were books that I had heard great things about and really wanted to read. I’ve also supplied links so that you may read up on them yourselves.

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
I decided to read the book after reading the title, and a brief synopsis of the book provided by Amazon. The concept of the book sounded interesting to me; the idea that someone would relive their life every time they died. In this book, Harry is coming to the end of one of his lives and is about to revert back to a child, his memories of his lives still present to remind him of what he has done. However, this time a little girl appears at his bedside changing everything.

I first heard about this book whilst browsing Facebook and loved the way that the story is presented to the reader. Everything is told through documents and social media, allowing us to see everything from the outside with our own perspective. We find out about the characters through other characters, what they do or do not deem suitable to advertise to the world. It’s very current with this narrative style, and I’m intrigued to see if it catches my attention.

The Children Act
I’ve read quite a bit of Ian McEwan in the last few years due to my degree at university. I’m currently on the fence with his writing, appreciating the themes and concepts he represents but not wholly enjoying the experience as I do with more modern contemporary fiction. It is the themes and concepts within this story line that did draw me to this novel as I can see how controversial it may appear, and would love to see how McEwan portrays this.

The Ice Twins
I’m a follower of many book publishers on Twitter, and found this one frequently advertised through social media around the time of publication. I was intrigued about the book through this, and have only now gotten around to checking it out. I love a good psychological thriller. I feel like there could be a lot of tension in this book alongside suspense at events that have taken/will take place.

The Queen of the Tearling
There are a couple of Booktubers that I subscribe to on YouTube, and this is a book that they have all frequently mentioned with a lot of praise. I haven’t read a good fantasy novel in a long time and, to me, believe that the genre is lacking recently. So based off of these recommendations, I have decided to give this book a try and hope that I will enjoy it and finish the series.

The Colour of Magic
Terry Pratchett is a well-known author and I have not read a single one of his books. I have read a lot of good things about his novels and the ease of readability, how you can read the books together or as a standalone. I thought I would give his novels a try, starting from the beginning of his Discworld series.


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