Terry Pratchett: The Colour of Magic

I’ve never really been one of those people into Terry Pratchett novels. I never understood the hype, but then I wouldn’t seeing as I had never read one of his novels. But it is only now that I have read the first novel of his Discworld series and I can fully understand what all the fuss was about!

The Colour of Magic follows the main characters Rincewind and Twoflower who embark on various adventures throughout the fantasy world created by Pratchett that sits atop four elephants on top of the giant turtle A’Tuin. I actually found it a really interesting read, considering I feel it is a series aimed more at young adults; that stage where you’re still naive and have a full imagination – but I still found myself drawn in and can see this book as being for all ages.

I loved the way that Pratchett created this world, taking ideas from different creationism perspectives and turning them into a fantasy universe with dragons, trolls, druids, wizards etc. It’s essentially the perfect fantasy novel with every imaginable character out of the genre immersed in a world that truly makes no sense. Even when I had finished the book I was still slightly confused by some of the terminology used to describe the new variations of north, south, east, and west but I think that’s what’s so good about fantasy – it’s not something you really need to understand to enjoy it. It’s all about crazy imagination and presenting a vivid picture to the reader which Pratchett does really well.

The characters were very well developed and I found myself amused by Twoflower and his nonchalant but slightly naive outlook on events. He’s very relaxed about his fate believing that things happen for a reason which is a breath of fresh air compared to Rincewind, who is presented as the character that’s always on edge or worried that he will die and will not get out of sticky situations. Paired together it becomes quite an amusing read.

Pratchett’s writing style is very economic, he doesn’t waste words in description providing just enough to paint a picture before swiftly moving on. For such a small book, a lot takes place because of this which allows you to see more of the world and watch the characters develop whilst still maintaining a vivid picture in the mind.

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a good fantasy read and may not have picked up a Pratchett novel before. I’m 21 and I enjoyed it immensely and loved the different creatures that inhabited the world, and reading about the ways in which their lives are played with by the Gods.


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