S. K. Tremayne: The Ice Twins

I haven’t read a good thriller in a while, and much of the time I find it quite easy to spot the twists and turns hidden within the text. But The Ice Twins is different. . .

The Ice Twins follows the narratives of married couple Sarah and Angus. Primarily the story is told through Sarah’s first person narrative, with Angus’s third person narrative interspersed throughout the novel. The story is about their journey to discover the true identity of their daughter, their last surviving daughter after one half of their set of twins died having fallen off a balcony at their grandparents home in Instow. The narrative starts when Kirstie starts questioning why they are calling her by that name, when it was Kirstie that died – she was Lydia. We follow their removal from London as they attempt to set up home on Torran Island in Scotland, but it isn’t as familial as it should be. Everything starts to unravel.

I really enjoyed this book! I was gripped within the first few pages, trying to understand why Kirstie was trying to convince her parents that she was Lydia – the twin presumed to be dead. It was interesting to watch Sarah try to understand this misinterpretation and try to justify that Kirstie really was Lydia. But with Angus’s narrative, you start to question what is really happening. You are given a lot of information through his narrative that seems to compromise him within the death of Kirstie/Lydia and the surviving daughter almost seems to revel in the confusion between the parents as they argue over the truth and grow further and further apart.

Tremayne’s writing style was brilliant. The fear, confusion, anger, sadness – all the emotions of the characters – were clearly felt from the beginning. I felt drawn in by these emotions and found myself racked with fear at Kirstie/Lydia’s almost demonic representation. Tremayne gave just enough information at the right times, causing Sarah – and myself – to question all that had come before this new revelation. Most importantly, Tremaybe brings in her final major twist within the last 100 or so pages of the book which I felt really complimented the style of the book with the overall plot and helped to clear up many unanswered questions whilst also presenting some more. I love how far to the end the truth was revealed as sometimes I feel that author’s present the final revelation too early within the novel which almost dampens the experience of reading the book as you are fully aware of what has happened way before the book has been finished.

For anyone interested in a great thriller, Tremayne’s The Ice Twins would be a number one pick from me. It has been many years since I have read a truly thrilling thriller and this one hit the nail on the head!


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