Monthly TBR: June

I’ve been contemplating making a post like this for a while. However, it won’t be one of those generic TBR posts where I tell you what I plan on reading for the next month ahead. I never truly plan what books I am going to read, and frequently ask the people around me to choose my next read when I’m torn between multiple books. No – this TBR post will be an amalgamation of books to be found on my TBR and will highlight the changes that are made to it each month; the number of books I have, new books added, the last book I read – and the next, any proofs that I may have on my TBR, as well as some eBooks now that I am starting to re-use my Kobo! So let’s start with the current physical book TBR!


As you can see, I currently have a total of 9 physical books in my TBR – this is including any proofs. Two of these have been on here for a while due to their size and I am not likely to get to them anytime soon. Let’s get into it! (I will also post links to their Goodread pages so that you can check out the synopsis for each book.)

Nod by Adrian Barnes (Goodreads)
I’ve seen this one around in the bookstores finding myself drawn to the cover and the concept but always found myself finding other books to read instead. This time around, I got this copy from fellow course-mate and book blogger, Mary Collins as she had a spare copy. I look forward to getting into this one – whenever that may be!

Golden Son by Pierce Brown (Goodreads)
I read Red Rising towards the beginning of the year (see my review here) and really enjoyed the concept, the fantasy elements, and the characters. Now I am finally getting around to reading the second in the series and I am hoping it will be as good as the first.

Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff (Goodreads)
There’s not a lot I know about this novel except that it was Barack Obama’s book of the yea for 2015 – high praise indeed! What I do know of it sounds interesting and I am hoping to get around to it sometime this month.

The Ship by Antonia Honeywell (Goodreads)
Yet again, a novel I’ve been eyeing but never gotten around to until now. I’m interested in books that centre around survival, dystopia, and post-apocalyptic settings – they just draw me in (even though if they were to happen in real life I’d probably cower in a corner!).

Wool by Hugh Howey (Goodreads)
I first read a Hugh Howey book this year when I read his novel, Home. I find it really hard to find good science fiction novels but I really enjoyed that short novel. Wool had been recommended to me by a few people online when I asked for SciFi recommendations.

In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings (Goodreads)
I’m not 100% sure on the premise of this novel. I was sent this book by the publishers after they kindly allowed me to request a book and, noticing that I lived in the South West offered to send me this book alongside due to the setting. I am aware that it is a mystery – a genre I haven’t read a lot of!

Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson (Goodreads)
This was the book I originally requested by the publishers of In Her Wake. It is set in Iceland and surrounds a killing that threatens to bring up a police officers past and brings to question ideas of trust. I am looking forward to this one and hoping I enjoy it enough to advance onto the other books within the series.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (Goodreads)
This is all about the re-read for me! I first read this series quite a few years ago and loved it immensely. It’s an epic fantasy series that follows men and woman filled with power and surrounds prophecies, myths, and legends that come to pass. I really am looking forward to reading this one again and enjoying it more now that I am older. This one is, however, one that I am putting off due to its size.

The Father by Anton Svensson (Goodreads)
This was a book that I saw in my local Waterstones and was drawn to by the cover. Yet again, a novel I don’t know a lot about but I know that it has been translated from Swedish and is a mystery, crime, thriller that is based of a true story surrounding three brothers who committed a string of bank robberies.

So that is my list of books on my current TBR. I did receive more than one proof in the month of May, however, considering I have read them already, they will not be included in this TBR. However, if you continue to follow the blog you will be able to gauge which books I received based on the posts and the times at which they are posted!

I also possess a selection of eBooks that I will list below along with Goodreads pages for you to check out. Most of these were chosen purely based on covers, however their synopsis did drawn me in as well. (I will not be providing covers for these due to them being on my eReader.)

  • London (Surviving the Evacuation, Book One) – Goodreads
  • Ghosts of Tsavo – Goodreads
  • Life First – Goodreads
  • Seven Sisters – Goodreads
  • Death in Shanghai – Goodreads (Won through Twitter from the publisher)
  • City of Shadows – Goodreads (Won through Twitter from the publisher)


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2 thoughts on “Monthly TBR: June

    • Everyone raves about the Red Rising series in general! I’m only a few chapters in as of now and I’m liking it even though I’m not fully aware of the situation yet!


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