Jane Isaac: The Lies Within

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The Lies Within Cover

I received a free physical copy of this book from the publishers as part of their Legend 100 Club in exchange for an honest review.

Grace Daniels is distraught after her daughter’s body is found in a Leicestershire country lane. With her family falling apart and the investigation going nowhere, Grace’s only solace is the re-emergence of Faye, an old friend who seems to understand her loss.

DI Will Jackman delves into the case, until a family tragedy and a figure from his past threaten to derail him.

When the police discover another victim, the spotlight falls on Grace. Can Jackman find the killer, before she is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit?

*With this being part of a series, please be aware that there may be mention of scenes or information from previous books.

The Lies Within is the next installment in the DI Jackman series, following on from Beneath The Ashes. A detective, crime, thriller series we follow closely on the heels of Jackman as he attempts to figure out the truth and the motive behind Jo Lamborne’s untimely death. With similarities to crimes that happened many years ago, is this a copycat killer or does this go far deeper?

Having read Beneath The Ashes late last year, I still had a lot of the book fresh in my mind. Reading The Lies Within, I could clearly see the developments in both the characters and Isaac’s writing. I felt that this novel was written better and was definitely more thrilling to me as the novel unravelled. With everything going on within this novel and the numerous threads within the investigation, I found myself questioning many people and their motives hitting the nail on the end way before the investigation was ended. Isaac sets the clues in place with a subtlety that could be hard to miss for some people but I could immediately smell something fishy at the right moments!

In my Beneath The Ashes review, I described Jackman as being a man who is ‘dedicated to finding out the truth, with a passion for his job that gives the impression of someone as a workaholic’, and this impression is still evident in The Lies Within. From previous events in BTA, Jackman has been told that he must take things a bit easier as he recovers from injuries sustained but it is goes without saying that Jackman goes full throttle into this investigation in a bid to find out the truth. You can’t help but admire the man as he uses all the resources readily available to him whilst also battling his own personal issues with his wife Alice. I love that Isaac implements these more domestic scenes with Jackman’s family to show the more relaxed, familial, caring side. It totally contrasts with the persona that comes across when he is working on the case and has put all other thoughts aside, coming across as someone ruthless and almost brooding. Think Jack Reacher-esque!

Isaac is definitely going strong with this series and I am truly dedicated. The Lies Within was a far stronger novel than Beneath The Ashes and I loved the different threads, the unexpected twists and turns, and the theme surrounding secrets and lies that can be hidden far beneath the surface. The Lies Within was a surprisingly, thrilling and gripping novel that I found hard to put down.


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