Ian McDonald: Luna, Wolf Moon

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Luna Wolf Moon Cover

I received a free physical copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Corta Helio, one of the five family corporations that rule the Moon, has fallen. Its riches are divided up among its many enemies, its survivors scattered.

Two Helio children are under the protection of the powerful Asamoahs. One, still reeling from witnessing his parents’ violent deaths, is now a ward of Mackenzie Metals. And the last appointed heir, Lucas, has vanished.

Only one person suspects that Lucas Corta is not dead, and – more to the point – that he is still a major player in the game. Lucas would go to any lengths to build a new Corta Helio But he needs allies, and to find them must undertake an audacious, impossible journey – to Earth.

And while he schemes, the families erupt into outright war.

Luna, Wolf Moon is the second in the Luna series by Ian McDonald that follows the lives of five major families that live on and dominate the society, politics, and culture of the moon. After the annihilation and destruction of the Corta Helio empire, Wolf Moon centres on the remaining Corta family members as they attempt to rise out of the ashes and rebuild their name and empire. As each family member, and those of the other families, experience their own tragedies, ups and downs, the moon finds itself in amongst a war that seems to appear out of nowhere.

After the constant pounding dealt each other houses in New Moon, Wolf Moon could be described as the calm before the storm as we focus on scheming and tying up unsightly loose ends. We still see our fair share of assassinations, deaths, and family feuds but this novel definitely doesn’t have as much of a punch as the first novel.

With the events of the first novel carrying on into Wolf Moon, it was interesting to find out more about the Earth-based Cortas who still survive on the surface. As Moon and Earth Cortas meet we begin to see the similarities and differences between the two sides, as well as gaining an understanding of the consequences imposed upon Luna bodies when they attempt to live upon Earth for even a short space of time. Wolf Moon helps us to understand the areas of their society that we may not have fully understood from the first novel, such as those mentioned.

Being the second novel, it is hard for me to write a long and drawn out review without ruining a lot of the first and current novels. It definitely wasn’t as fast-paced and interesting as the first novel – which is understandable. However, it is definitely a filler novel that helps to progress the novel forward and bring key players to the forefront of the war between the families.


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