Welcome to The Reading Lodge; a personal UK-based blog by a graduate in Creative Writing and English Literature. The Reading Lodge was born through my degree and wanting to put forth my opinions on the books I read; to gush and groan and fan-girl with others of similar interests. I wanted a platform that would allow me to talk about my hobby and to help others find their next best read.

Writing my own book blog has been something I had wanted to do for many years. There have been many attempts, with all being discarded mere weeks later due to time constraints, or purely losing interest. During my final year of University, my perspective changed as I was faced with many challenges and a lot of stress but, I realised, that my mind kept wondering back to this endeavour, and so I embarked upon it. I believed that, if I wanted this blog to work, I would have to put in the time and effort but also, to let it run at its own pace – putting posts up as and when I was able to.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my blog, and for showing an interest in what I write. Reading is my passion, and one I believe the world is starting to push aside.

I would like to state that all reviews are my own opinion and, though I may receive free books, I am in no way paid. I do not receive payments from authors or publishers, and I do not in any way monetize or make any money through this blog. Reading is my passion and it is something I would like to keep that way. I enjoy putting my thoughts down and being able to rant and rave about books – something that isn’t always possible in the real world! 




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